The Little Black Dress. Simple. Sexy. Timeless. It is universally adored for its strong, yet understated elegance & sophistication and its uncanny ability to effortlessly translate any & all styles. The epitome of taste, the height of chic, a staple & a necessity. It’s based on the concept of neutrality in color & simplicity in form. Something that is so stunning & perfect in its purest, naked form can always stand alone or beautifully carry any pattern, texture, style, and accompanying colors. It can bend with season and mood. It can be nothing or everything all at once. It is truly the ultimate chameleon & perfect foundation for design. What better ideal to embrace than one that stands the test of time & works in harmony with anything and everything around it?

Little Black Home will focus not just on the color black, but on other neutral colors as well. Neutral colors are organic & can be found & appreciated globally. Undiscriminating toward race, religion, sex, & budget, the LBD, or in this case, the LBH (Little Black Home), is a design concept which is accessible and applicable to all & will never disappoint when executed properly.
This blog has many things in store for all of you with a design jones. It will definitely reflect my personal love for the beauty in neutrality & simplicity, but don’t think I won’t be drooling over the occasional tangerine & raspberry striped wall

(a la

Or undeniably fabulous sapphire velvet ottomans!

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I will be sharing inspiration I find in art, fashion, nature, culture, and even cuisine. You’ll enjoy photos of other designers’ work as well as my own, along with any and all things I find beautiful, interesting, humorous, and controversial about design. We’ll cover topics you won’t find in other design blogs and you’ll learn how design relates to all things. I am a hungry, fresh designer with big, big dreams & goals and I’m setting off on a big adventure to conquer them and enrich people’s lives through better designing. I hope you’ll join me as I share my passion for design and build my business. I welcome all of you to share your thoughts and questions!

And just a teaser for what to expect in this blog coming soon: Sexy Rooms, Magic of Mirrors, Themed vs. Inspired, What Would Stacy & Clinton Do?, Never Say Never, and more!…


  1. Wow! What a cool concept. You really seem to have a fresh approach to design. Best of luck with your new blog. I look forward with great anticipation to your future posts!

  2. I started blogging for the same reason!! I'm very new to this too, i'm Interested to see what you find and have to say on here. Best of luck!


  3. Your philosophy is very similar to my own. I'm a huge believer in going with classics in neutral colors for your high ticket pieces and adding color with your accessories. Just like the same little black dress can be casual, trendy or more formal based on the accessories, our homes can benefit from that same theory.

    Best of luck with your blog. I have no doubt that you will enjoy are large following.

  4. Welcome to blogland! Such a great idea for a blog!
    I have a couple posts that might help, 10 things every blogger should know, etc. just search it on google and you'll find it! Windows Live Writer, the most important one!!