Silver Screen Candy: North By Northwest


I don’t know about you, but I love old movies. My husband has actually recently introduced me to Alfred Hitchcock films and I must say I really enjoy them. One of my favorite things about old movies is to pay attention to the decor. (Shocking isn’t it?) Not long ago we watched North By Northwest and I decided to share some photos with you of the Vandamm house because I thought it was just too cool. And with a few tweaks, it could still be incredibly chic today… 

I just love a modern cantilever structure…especially when it juts out over a great view. Can’t you imagine an infinity pool, maybe on the other side, overlooking the river and mountains? And with decks for days, this place is begging for parties, romantic cozying up under the stars, and breakfast, coffee, (and a cigarette then, I’m sure) in the morning…   image


I am absolutely crazy about the stack-stone. It’s a natural material that will never go out of style in my opinion. Other notable features- the metal sunburst on the fireplace and that gorgeous lamp, which probably could be made fairly easily with a lamp kit, vintage shade and parts of a newel post (at the end of a staircase). To update this, I might change the lamp shade to a black one and get rid of the picnic blanket-looking drapery and just do the grey. (And I’d probably toss that “thing” on the table…is it some sort of gnome-goat? It’s a little creepy.)  image

Now this is a love-hate shot for me…


  • you have to adore the walls of windows
  • the carpet is pretty fabulous
  • the ottomans are great for extra seating
  • the flokati flung over the chair is something I’m seeing a lot of these days (a great additional to change up the look and feel of a chair- especially in the cold, cold winter)
  • the little poker table and stools


  • the weird, sparse furniture layout- it’s a little awkward looking…it looks a bit like some cool cat just got a big new house and brought his groovy furniture from his studio bachelor pad in and just stuck it places…the arrangement doesn’t seem to have a clear point/purpose
  • too many little furs- love the flokati on the chair, but with the two by the window, it’s a bit much…the room dwarfs them in scale


I love the ethnic patterns, colors, and texture in here with the carpet, the flokati, the little tray table next to it, and these great little woven chairs with the cushions…image

The sofa is pretty sexy with the grey tweed on the long single cushions. A nice, clean, modern contrast to the natural woven chairs and the stone. Great lamps, too! I like the dash of shiny metallic and that near life-size oriental statue turned lamp. I will say the staircase is nice, but it reminds me of the one in the Brady Bunch house. Just that era, I suppose…  image

Another great lamp and I’m really diggin’ the dramatic stone carried all the way up and against the creamy wall color. Nice that it’s open here to the downstairs and has access to all those windows…image

Great black leather dining chairs paired with the wooden table. I would change out that metal piece since the room already has the bronze sunburst and definitely do a different centerpiece. I think a mix of just bright green floral would look nice, bringing the greens from outside on in through the room and adding another natural color. But that’s just me.  And of course it wouldn’t be a good 1959 movie without a couple of martinis…yes, please…over here…no, you’re walking the wrong way, lady! image


Where To? Greece


I have always found Greece to be very enchanting. The impressive and majestic architecture, the mathematics, the great mythological stories and characters… So I decided I would take you there and show you beautiful ways to bring Greece into your own home.

Although I’ve never been, all the photos I’ve ever seen of Greece are completely captivating with their buildings blanketing the hillsides in shades of white…  Picture1

along with accents of cobalt blue and water the most brilliant shade of sapphire you could imagine.Picture2

More inspiration can be found in the traditional dress of ancient Greece. Again, with the purest of whites, fabrics draped and flowed like liquid poured over the bodies of Greek gods and goddesses, looking effortlessly and comfortably divine. The women’s hair done up loosely with braids of gold wound through, adorning their heads…Picture3

If you picture all these things in your mind, it’s very easy to incorporate them into your home. You don’t have to do anything cheesy, like painting columns on your walls, just bringing in classic pieces, anything that is reminiscent of Greece and what Greece is, will help you create “the feel.”Picture4top to bottom, left to right

  1. 1st Dibs- brass and blue Edelman leather ottomans- that shot of blue with a shape that would fit almost any style decor
  2. 1st Dibs- white crackle-finish table lamp with white linen shade and brushed metal base with subtle Greek key motif- at almost 3 feet tall, this could be your own Greek god, tall and magnificent, perched on your side table to be adored and worshipped
  3. Trendir- Manutti Orlando wicker sunbed- place yourself upon a pedestal, a wicker one with column-inspired detail, while getting that bronzed goddess look
  4. Adding blue knobs like these to a white case piece would be so incredibly elegant. I think if I stared long enough I might just get lost inside them…
  5. 1st Dibs- Robsjohn-Gibbings by Saridis Klismos sidechairs, from Greece, made of walnut and muslin- I am so in love with these chairs… I have always loved the Klismos chairs, but the simplicity of these specific ones and how naturally stunning they are in form, materials, and finish… I am just nuts about these. I would pay just about anything for them.

Fabrics, bedding, and trims… make it light-weight with some movement in it, in shades of white and blue, and any tasteful gold braid trim or key motif and your room will strike a graceful balance between laid-back Mediterranean oasis and a space worthy of royalty.Picture5

top to bottom, left to right

  1. Decorpad- a subtle taste of Greece in the blues, whites, and natural fibers…I even love how the pillow has a pattern similar to the tiles in the picture next to it
  2. If I had a terrace, it would definitely look like this. Aaahhhh…
  3. Alenska- pure linen bedding with embroidery - now obviously you wouldn’t want to go overboard with the classical Greek key motif, putting it everywhere possible, but if you did use it, this would be a great way to do so
  4. Trims from Kravet and Duralee- charming and subtle additions to any pillow, drapery, upholstery, etc.


Art and accessories… one of my favorite ways to bring in the influence of another culture because these pieces are so easy to change out… 


top to bottom, left to right

  1. 1st Dibs- wood and plaster museum model of the Parthenon-architectural models are so alluring, whether staircases, Greek architecture, framework, or ships (want to bring a little architectural history to the nursery or playroom?- a mini version of classical structures- bestpricetoys)
  2. Introduce a collection of blue glassware or vases into a room…they don’t have to be expensive, simply look for color saturation, shape, and size to make a bold gesture
  3. Etsy- Austin Modern- black painted chalkware busts of a Greek couple, from Greece/Italy- not expensive, but definitely beautiful, especially against a white wall
  4. 1st Dibs- charcoal drawing of Zeus by Emery- sketches are so wonderful…I constantly find myself drawn to them because they’re so honest… they often turn into other more “refined” pieces, but sketches are bare and fabulous,…straight from the heart and mind of the artist, they’re very intimate pieces of work.
  5. 1st Dibs- 1920’s sandstone sculpture of a Greek/Roman male torso- a nude sculpture of the male torso…what’s not to like? simple, sexy, and timeless…that is my motto…
  6. The Trojan horse- how the Greeks defeated the Trojans- this is a lovely little piece I picked up in an antique shop for less than $100. I love horses, and I certainly love the nod to a classic Greek story…


Rants and Raves


I came across this desk online the other day and I must say, I immediately fell in love

FRESHOMECOVETDESKpractical-home-office-deck-2It’s not at all fussy (a definite must in a room that can be filled with complete and utter chaos!)and the natural wood tone strikes the perfect note of soft and serene. The x-frame is quite striking and I love the little book stand stretched between the ends…FRESHOMECOVETDESKpractical-home-office-deck-1

One of my favorite features, though, is the angle-front drawers. Sharp and slim-profiled, you almost don’t even know they’re there. FRESHOMECOVETDESKpractical-home-office-deck-3-554x369 This is such a beautiful example of the marriage of form and function… proof that some of the most attractive things are incredibly understated in appearance and not at all complicated. When it’s built well and serves a purpose well, the aesthetics don’t need to be over-the-top… that, to me, looks like it’s trying to compensate for something.  This piece doesn’t need to be all dolled up, painted up, and carved up to be gorgeous. It’s stunning just the way it is. A true natural beauty.


LBH Picks of the Week



top to bottom, left to right

  1. ABC Carpet & Home- large 24 karat gold-plated Shakyamuni, a replica of a 16th century statue, made in Nepal- this has all the makings of a perfect display piece, making need for other accessories obsolete. It’s serene & jaw-droppingly beautiful in form, subject matter, and material.
  2. ABC Carpet & Home- natural Samara pillow, handmade & community-made by Indian artisans- I love the subtle herringbone pattern, not too little, not too much, but just right. Perfect blend of color, pattern, texture, & sheen.
  3. ABC Carpet & Home- cashmere blankets by downtown- it’s cashmere in ivory, black, & grey…need I say more?
  4. Etsy- original artwork by Brian Elston, titled “Lost Art 24”, done in marker & acrylic- I am crazy about this guy’s artwork. I am extremely drawn to it…his stuff really speaks to me on a personal level, but I will save my gushing for later…I’ll be featuring his work in a future post.
  5. 1stdibs- 1938 Frits Henningsen high-back wingchair, made in Denmark- to me, there’s no chair more wonderful than a great wingback in a solid color, especially one as hot as this one…it’s got masculine appeal with the worn black leather, wooden legs, and authoritativeness, but it’s also got a very slim profile and incredibly sensual curves, not to mention it totally flirts with the line between subtle sexiness and dramatic presence.
  6. West Elm- Shane Powers Neolithic vessels in matte gray- these strike the perfect note between earthy and modern, and are striking enough to get your attention, but soft enough to not compete for it.
  7. Pottery Barn- hand-loomed wool rug with hand-knotted fringe in wheat- I intend on replacing my current entry rug with this one. I like how soft & silky it looks, and the simple detailing in the knotted fringe…the fact that it’s wool means it will wear well in a high traffic area, and the fact that it’s a cut pile and not a loop means my two cats won’t tear it to smithereens. 


Honesty and Clarity


Everyone wants this, right? We look for it in other people, in relationships, in business dealings because we want to know who or what we’re working with, we want to know what’s on the inside, what they’re really about. Truth. Nothing hidden, clean, pure, nothing manipulated to be what someone wants you to see, just bare bones… what you see is what you get.

What does this have to do with design? Well, I received some really fabulous gifts from my husband (and gave some really cool ones, too), which were translucent. Besides the fact that they were incredibly beautiful and are being enjoyed like crazy, I was intrigued by being able to see through them, right to the inside, the workings, the “soul” of the objects, if you will. It’s like they’re saying, “Here I am, this is me. I have nothing to hide and I am showing you all that I am.” I think that’s pretty fascinating…


top to bottom, left to right

  1. Bodum Assam teapot (it is even more adorable in person)-brews the perfect amount for me and perfectly infuses tea bags or loose leaf tea with no mess.
  2. Harmon Kardon Soundsticks III- in the permanent NY MoMA collection (or coolection, as I originally typed it accidentally but is also appropriate) and let me tell you, these puppies may look gorgeous and understated (at only 2” & 9” diameters and only about 10” tall), but the volume and sound quality is out of this world. 
  3. Pottery Barn Schott Zwiesel Highballs and Double Old-Fashions (6 of each)- high-quality, shatter-resistant glass, made in Germany, with a nicely etched monogram on each- for our new bar set we have started- and I must say, they are quite sexy…
  4. Pottery Barn Classic Martini Glass- also monogrammed, and simple, sexy, & timeless (my design motto).

More fun, translucent beauties for the home? Check these out…

Decorative pieces


  1. www.allmodern.com- mouth-blown jars with black lids by ittalia: sleek and chic.
  2. www.1stdibs.com- 1940s Pair Of Heavy Glass Rearing Horse Bookends. I want these.
  3. www.thefiendish.com- too “morbid” for some maybe, but I am mesmerized by science and there is a humor (and glamour) I find in this piece that says, “I can see inside your head…I know what you’re thinking…” You can’t say you’ve never wondered such things about other people…love it.
  4. www.blinkdecor.com- glass, Lucite, and brass trunk/coffee table- now normally I would use a storage piece to hide things, but you could easily leave this empty or fill it with your favorite design magazines and books…  



  1. West Elm- glass link chandelier- this has such a delicate feminine, yet industrial charm to it…
  2. www.thisnext.com- Lucite acrylic floor lamp by Aaron R Thomas Design, named the “I” lamp for its I-beam form, and is a stunningly stately 6’6” tall…although visually weightless, I’m sure in person it commands attention.
  3. Bocci lights- one of my long-time personal favorites- these fantastically happy little balls of light are just crazy wonderful. Each sphere hand-crafted, they’re like bubbles or stars, carrying their own unique little packaged luminous glow. Subtle and romantic as individual pieces, but capable of major visual take-your-breath-away impact when in larger groupings. 

Smaller furniture


  1. www.decorpad.com- dainty little Lucite console table- perfect for small spaces since it takes up no visual space, but can serve as a great desk, vanity, or catch-all.
  2. www.1stdibs.com- rolling bar trolley, perfectly blending form and function, and masculine and feminine with its seriously sharp black accents and curved handles and sparkle.
  3. www.designboom.com- couldn’t find much info on this “exposed” acrylic chair, but I was very taken with it. I believe it was designed by Ulrik Blomquist and was featured in a Milan design show.

Larger furniture


  1. www.designspotcoolstuff.com- Omvivo Le Cob bathtub- like an infinity pool, water fills the tub and flows out the end over a bed of pebbles- I think I would make myself find time to relax in this serene soaker.
  2. www.vintageandchicblog.com- a showstopper Lucite bed…although I must say, as gorgeous as this room is, I would spend all my time staring out that window…
  3. www.thisnext.com- Lucite bookshelf by Aaron R Thomas Design- won’t look as bulky as most bookshelves, and your prized books and magazines will appear to be floating.

So if you’re looking for seemingly weightless, holds-no-secrets, divinely exquisite pieces for your home, clearly this is the way to go.