LBH Picks of the Week



top to bottom, left to right

  1. ABC Carpet & Home- large 24 karat gold-plated Shakyamuni, a replica of a 16th century statue, made in Nepal- this has all the makings of a perfect display piece, making need for other accessories obsolete. It’s serene & jaw-droppingly beautiful in form, subject matter, and material.
  2. ABC Carpet & Home- natural Samara pillow, handmade & community-made by Indian artisans- I love the subtle herringbone pattern, not too little, not too much, but just right. Perfect blend of color, pattern, texture, & sheen.
  3. ABC Carpet & Home- cashmere blankets by downtown- it’s cashmere in ivory, black, & grey…need I say more?
  4. Etsy- original artwork by Brian Elston, titled “Lost Art 24”, done in marker & acrylic- I am crazy about this guy’s artwork. I am extremely drawn to it…his stuff really speaks to me on a personal level, but I will save my gushing for later…I’ll be featuring his work in a future post.
  5. 1stdibs- 1938 Frits Henningsen high-back wingchair, made in Denmark- to me, there’s no chair more wonderful than a great wingback in a solid color, especially one as hot as this one…it’s got masculine appeal with the worn black leather, wooden legs, and authoritativeness, but it’s also got a very slim profile and incredibly sensual curves, not to mention it totally flirts with the line between subtle sexiness and dramatic presence.
  6. West Elm- Shane Powers Neolithic vessels in matte gray- these strike the perfect note between earthy and modern, and are striking enough to get your attention, but soft enough to not compete for it.
  7. Pottery Barn- hand-loomed wool rug with hand-knotted fringe in wheat- I intend on replacing my current entry rug with this one. I like how soft & silky it looks, and the simple detailing in the knotted fringe…the fact that it’s wool means it will wear well in a high traffic area, and the fact that it’s a cut pile and not a loop means my two cats won’t tear it to smithereens. 

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