Rants and Raves


I came across this desk online the other day and I must say, I immediately fell in love

FRESHOMECOVETDESKpractical-home-office-deck-2It’s not at all fussy (a definite must in a room that can be filled with complete and utter chaos!)and the natural wood tone strikes the perfect note of soft and serene. The x-frame is quite striking and I love the little book stand stretched between the ends…FRESHOMECOVETDESKpractical-home-office-deck-1

One of my favorite features, though, is the angle-front drawers. Sharp and slim-profiled, you almost don’t even know they’re there. FRESHOMECOVETDESKpractical-home-office-deck-3-554x369 This is such a beautiful example of the marriage of form and function… proof that some of the most attractive things are incredibly understated in appearance and not at all complicated. When it’s built well and serves a purpose well, the aesthetics don’t need to be over-the-top… that, to me, looks like it’s trying to compensate for something.  This piece doesn’t need to be all dolled up, painted up, and carved up to be gorgeous. It’s stunning just the way it is. A true natural beauty.

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