Sexy Rooms: Bedrooms


As revealed in my very first post, I am starting a (non-consecutive) series of sexy rooms- the first being bedrooms. I am super picky about my bedroom. Don’t know why, I just am. I strongly believe (at least for my personal bedroom) that it should not have a t.v. in it (just ask my husband, he’s been trying for years and I haven’t budged- sorry, love), I want it done in mostly neutral colors and I want them to be dark and smoky. I also think the bedroom should be just for sleeping and…other things. No clutter, no work, no craziness, no mess. I want it sexy, dark, and stress-free. I will be putting together a dream board of what I want to do with it, but for now I will share with you a few images of some jaw-droppingly sexy bedrooms…    

ARCHIDIR.COM_Codina-House-Interior-Bedroom-by-A4estudio-in-Mendoza-Argentina (archidir.com)

Codina House by A4estudio in Mendoza, Argentina

Love the mix of natural finishes and the simplicity of this room…


House 6 by Marcio Kogan in Sao Paulo. Brazil

Again, so simple and very natural. And judging by the location of the home and the light coming in from the right, there is probably a gorgeous view. What more do you need?…


Texture is a wonderful thing. Sometimes I prefer to go monochromatic and just play with textures- it can create an incredibly sensual room. I’m crazy about that black bed with the gray sheets. That sort of abstract horse photograph is pretty amazing, too…


The walls here are a little light for what I would do personally in my own bedroom, but it’s still a perfect, beautiful shade of gray. I love that they used a chocolate brown shade on the lamp- it gives a very nice, sophisticated glow at night-time. I also love the taupey-grays on the pillows and that gorgeous nail-head trimmed headboard- the color reminds me of a weimaraner…



The black is so nice in this room. I love the soft glow the bed-side light casts on the wall. As far as accent colors- I think the fuchsias and magentas on the pillows are great. That’s why I like to use color sparingly- so that when you do use it, it really gets appreciated because it stands out so nicely and you could just as easily switch them out for a chartreuse green and peacock blue. Not too crazy about the rugs though. I like them on their own, but the scale seems too small. I might’ve done three or four of the black (if they weren’t available in a larger size) and butted them against one another, running them underneath the bed to the other side so it seemed less like a bath mat. I’ve done that before and it just looked like one big rug. Overall, though, I love this room…


Gold without being gaudy and texture, texture, texture. Yum…


One of my favorite accent colors in a bedroom is purple. In deep shades of plum and raisin (especially in a fabric with a sheen, like here) it looks so glamorous and slightly seductive…


Love the all black with the white and those killer pendants. I bet they look beautiful lit…

SEMIGLOSSCHIC.BLOGSPOT_113-jacoby-bedroom-0708-xlg-31768355-88419107     (semiglosschic.blogspot.com)     

The art over the bed is a little more silly than sexy, but hey, who’s to say good things can’t come from a playful little pillow fight? I think the fur is overdone a little, though. Maybe just in one spot, but it’s definitely a great texture (and color) to throw in a bedroom. Great bedside tables, too!


Aren’t these shimmery graphites and bronzes just to-die-for?? The lighting is well-done, too, although I probably would’ve painted the ceiling darker. But that’s just me. And do you notice the curtains? They’re chain. Love, love, LOVE…


See how nice light looks bouncing off a dark wall? I like that they used mirrored tables and metal lamps, too…

BESTWALKINCLOSETS.COM_walkin_closets_sample (bestwalkinclosets.com)

I think this is one of my favorites. That bedroom looks smokin’ hot, exactly what I would want my bedroom to look like, and what woman wouldn’t be turned on by that gigantic walk-in closet?




A Style to Call My Own: Conclusion


In this series I have given you a break-down of the influential elements in my life- learning, nature, cuisine, fashion, and travel- to paint a picture for you of my design voice. Hopefully it is clear what my personal style is, but to top it off I decided to conclude this series with a list of words and a bank of images that I feel perfectly describe who I am as a designer. Enjoy!

  1. Sexy, Sensual, Smoky, & Sultry
  2. Natural & Exotic
  3. Blend of Masculine & Feminine
  4. Minimal/Simple
  5. Neutral in color 
  6. Relaxed
  7. Soulful
  8. Soft
  9. Spiritual
  10. Pure & Honest

APTTHERAPY.COM_7-22-08blackwhite4 (apartmenttherapy.com)



Darryl Carter- a fave fellow designer


bathroom-1-de (source unknown)

bedroom style(source unknown)

benj mr black beauty(source unknown)

Exterior color is Benjamin Moore Black Beauty

BESTHOMEINTERIORDESIGN3852966466_b253b5ba44(besthomeinteriordesign.blogspot.com/Metropolitan Home)

chairs3 (source unknown)

CONTEMPORIST.COM_JANNALEVENSTEIN1615_150309_010 (contemporist.com)

Designer Janna Levenstein of L.A.


Designer Janna Levenstein of L.A.

CONTEMPORIST_JANNALEVENSTEIN1615_150309_06 (contemporist.com)

Designer Janna Levenstein of L.A.

GREATINTERIODESIGN.COM_MARCIOKOGAN_house-53-living-room-design (greatinteriordesign.com)

Living room of architect Marcio Kogan’s house 53 in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Pacaembu Residence by Nave Arquitetos in Brazil

HOUSEDESIGNIDEA.COM_Luxury-interior-Design-of-Panama-House-by-Marcio-Kogan (homedesignidea.com)

Living room in the Panama House by Marcio Kogan in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Living room in a house by architect Marcio Kogan in Sao Paulo, Brazil…see a pattern here?

livingetc1 (livingetc.com)

Picture1 (chictip.com)

There seems to be some confusion as to where this and the next two images are exactly and who the architect is, but I believe the house is in Brazil

Picture2 (chictip.com)

Picture3 (chictip.com)


Dining room in a home in Bahia, Brazil

Picture5 (modresdes.blospot.com)

Office in Iporanga Residence by Arthur Casas in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Living area in Iporanga Residence by Arthur Casas in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Picture14 (kiwicollection.com)

The Tides South Beach by Kelly Wearstler

Picture15 (kiwicollection.com)

The Tides South Beach by Kelly Wearstler

Picture18 (newyorksocialdiary.com)

Vicente Wolf’s home in NY


Vicente Wolf’s home in NY

Picture20 (design-crisis.com/Metropolitan Home)

Designed by Vicente Wolf


stone flr lvg rm (source unknown)

SWIPELIFE.COM_bassamf-mains1 (swipelife.com)

TomScheerer1[2] (design-crisis.com)

Designed by Tom Scheerer

vw juxtaposition (patriciagrayinc.blogspot.com)

Designed by Vicente Wolf


Vicente Wolf’s home in NY


A Style to Call My Own: Travel


As I begin to conclude this series, I want to make sure that this category does not get overlooked, as it is one of the most important. Just to give you a little background…Growing up, my dad would never fly in planes (still hasn’t) and my mom had been the daughter of a Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force as a child and had already done her fair share of traveling and then some, so the only places my family and I ever visited really were the surrounding states here in the southeast. To this day I’ve not been out of the U.S. and I definitely have the “itch”. I’ll never forget the first time I went on a plane- it was with a design class and we went to Chicago. I was 22 and have never in my life been so excited! I must have taken 300 pictures of the clouds and the ground below from my window seat on the way there. I was awe-stricken. The second time was to L.A.- again, hundreds of pictures. I LOVE to fly!! After being to these pretty big cities when I hadn’t ever really left the southeast, I got the “travel bug”. I can remember as a kid thumbing through boxes and boxes of pictures from when my mom’s family traveled around the world and also being fascinated by all the trinkets and what-nots my dad’s mom brought home from her globe-trotting. I just never got to go anywhere myself. My husband’s been several places out of the U.S. and we have big plans to travel all over the freakin’ place! Until then, I thrive off of other people’s photos, souvenirs, and tales of places far, far away. One day I will have a passport with my name on it, and one day I will have one of those suitcases covered in stickers of all the places we’ve been together…

Suitcase-with-travel-stic-002I want to go everywhere! Africa…


All over Europe…


FRENCH_RIVIERA(French Riviera)

GREECE (Greece)




typical-spain (Spain)







The Caribbean Islands…Bathsheba-Beach-Barbados-001


South America…


(Easter Island, off Chile)


(Iguassu Falls- Brasil)


(Mayan Ruins- Belize)

 SOUTHAMERICA south-america-large

I will be featuring interior design from different countries in the near future, but for now, I’ll show you general ways I would incorporate travel-inspired design…

Globes & maps!…


HEARTFIREATHOME.BLOGSPOT_Steven_Gambrel_Large_Framed_Map HEARTFIREMap_Wallpaper_Just_Kidding_Around

(heartfireathome.blogspot.com- all above)



Vintage map of Paris


Ships, planes, & travel posters…

428982_090413164436_model_ship_1 AIRLINEPOSTERART.COM_airplane01 FLIKR1473135524_ba780f747b GREATMODERNPICTURES.COM_tiF1

Bon voyage, mon ami!