Honesty and Clarity


Everyone wants this, right? We look for it in other people, in relationships, in business dealings because we want to know who or what we’re working with, we want to know what’s on the inside, what they’re really about. Truth. Nothing hidden, clean, pure, nothing manipulated to be what someone wants you to see, just bare bones… what you see is what you get.

What does this have to do with design? Well, I received some really fabulous gifts from my husband (and gave some really cool ones, too), which were translucent. Besides the fact that they were incredibly beautiful and are being enjoyed like crazy, I was intrigued by being able to see through them, right to the inside, the workings, the “soul” of the objects, if you will. It’s like they’re saying, “Here I am, this is me. I have nothing to hide and I am showing you all that I am.” I think that’s pretty fascinating…


top to bottom, left to right

  1. Bodum Assam teapot (it is even more adorable in person)-brews the perfect amount for me and perfectly infuses tea bags or loose leaf tea with no mess.
  2. Harmon Kardon Soundsticks III- in the permanent NY MoMA collection (or coolection, as I originally typed it accidentally but is also appropriate) and let me tell you, these puppies may look gorgeous and understated (at only 2” & 9” diameters and only about 10” tall), but the volume and sound quality is out of this world. 
  3. Pottery Barn Schott Zwiesel Highballs and Double Old-Fashions (6 of each)- high-quality, shatter-resistant glass, made in Germany, with a nicely etched monogram on each- for our new bar set we have started- and I must say, they are quite sexy…
  4. Pottery Barn Classic Martini Glass- also monogrammed, and simple, sexy, & timeless (my design motto).

More fun, translucent beauties for the home? Check these out…

Decorative pieces


  1. www.allmodern.com- mouth-blown jars with black lids by ittalia: sleek and chic.
  2. www.1stdibs.com- 1940s Pair Of Heavy Glass Rearing Horse Bookends. I want these.
  3. www.thefiendish.com- too “morbid” for some maybe, but I am mesmerized by science and there is a humor (and glamour) I find in this piece that says, “I can see inside your head…I know what you’re thinking…” You can’t say you’ve never wondered such things about other people…love it.
  4. www.blinkdecor.com- glass, Lucite, and brass trunk/coffee table- now normally I would use a storage piece to hide things, but you could easily leave this empty or fill it with your favorite design magazines and books…  



  1. West Elm- glass link chandelier- this has such a delicate feminine, yet industrial charm to it…
  2. www.thisnext.com- Lucite acrylic floor lamp by Aaron R Thomas Design, named the “I” lamp for its I-beam form, and is a stunningly stately 6’6” tall…although visually weightless, I’m sure in person it commands attention.
  3. Bocci lights- one of my long-time personal favorites- these fantastically happy little balls of light are just crazy wonderful. Each sphere hand-crafted, they’re like bubbles or stars, carrying their own unique little packaged luminous glow. Subtle and romantic as individual pieces, but capable of major visual take-your-breath-away impact when in larger groupings. 

Smaller furniture


  1. www.decorpad.com- dainty little Lucite console table- perfect for small spaces since it takes up no visual space, but can serve as a great desk, vanity, or catch-all.
  2. www.1stdibs.com- rolling bar trolley, perfectly blending form and function, and masculine and feminine with its seriously sharp black accents and curved handles and sparkle.
  3. www.designboom.com- couldn’t find much info on this “exposed” acrylic chair, but I was very taken with it. I believe it was designed by Ulrik Blomquist and was featured in a Milan design show.

Larger furniture


  1. www.designspotcoolstuff.com- Omvivo Le Cob bathtub- like an infinity pool, water fills the tub and flows out the end over a bed of pebbles- I think I would make myself find time to relax in this serene soaker.
  2. www.vintageandchicblog.com- a showstopper Lucite bed…although I must say, as gorgeous as this room is, I would spend all my time staring out that window…
  3. www.thisnext.com- Lucite bookshelf by Aaron R Thomas Design- won’t look as bulky as most bookshelves, and your prized books and magazines will appear to be floating.

So if you’re looking for seemingly weightless, holds-no-secrets, divinely exquisite pieces for your home, clearly this is the way to go.

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