Stop and Smell the Roses…and Peonies…and Ranunculus…and Anemones…


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Picture1Or as my youngest brother calls it- National Singles Awareness Day. (By the way- he’s single, funny, and a real cutie pie if anyone’s interested…)

For my last post, I talked about diamonds and chocolate- two things all women love to receive on Valentine’s Day (or any other day, for that matter). Today I’m going to talk about the other thing we like to get on “the big day of love”- flowers. A whole, big, fabulous bunch of them. Now don’t get me wrong- sure, none of us would complain about getting red roses, but if you’re a creative soul like me (and I know you are), you might like something a little unusual and exciting. So I’ve decided to share some pictures of more unorthodox selections.  Here’s some of my favorites…

Bright, hot pinks, fuchsias, and magentas. Lots of peonies here- one of my all-time faves, along with some anemones, raspberries, other berries, and dahlias…Picture22

Corals and oranges- parrot tulips are so fun. I love how they just sorta lazily and casually droop. We’re also seeing some poppies, lilies, and what I believe may be kumquats… Picture33

Then there’s a softer, sweeter, more gentle pink. Here we have more peonies (told you that were one of my favorites), fiddlehead, and ranunculus… Picture44

Or maybe you prefer something more exotic, in a deeper, richer, garnet or plum hue. I love these colors mixed with a bright green. Shown are anemones and lady slipper orchids, black calla lilies, roses, ranunculus, and berries. Looks like love to me…Picture55

And in keeping with my belief that color can be appreciated for all it’s beauty, that you can prevent it overwhelming and over-stimulating your senses by using it sparingly in neutral settings, I’ve included some photos of bright and gorgeous flowers in neutral-colored rooms…Picture2












(Gaia Interiors)



Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!           

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