I’m Back!


Whew! It’s been a crazy ride over the past couple of months… My husband went ahead of me to meet the movers and get his big new job started in Tampa while I stayed behind to run the circus of workers beautifying the house (so it could be put on the market) and tie up all loose ends. It felt chaotic- being apart, trying to process such a huge life change, and everything happening so fast- but thanks to some good planning on our part, in reality, it went fairly smoothly.

Now we’re here in our new hometown, and after weeks of unpacking boxes and getting things in order, we are starting to feel a little more settled and at peace. We’re living in a townhouse while we learn the area so we can start looking for a house- yay! And I must say, I am really enjoying being so close to sand and surf, tons of great new restaurants (and fresh seafood!), the beautiful weather, and big design opportunities!


Although I don’t feel at home quite yet, I know it will come, and I am so excited about building my design business here! (So if you know anyone that needs some help, hook ‘em up with my blog and email address listed on my profile!)

Florida is such a beautiful and inspiring place, especially for someone like me who loves to incorporate nature and a crisp, fresh feeling into their home. (I have already started a seashell collection!)


(top two room photos are of India Hicks’ home in her book Island Life; bottom, left to right- etsy shop leapinggazelle- glass bottles photo, room from Kelly Wearstler’s The Tides South Beach resort, and unknown)

Over the past couple of months some things have happened that have really inspired new topics for me to write about and discuss with you, but for today, I just wanted to hop back in and let you know it’s back to blogging for me in my new home of the sunshine state! Can’t wait!



  1. It must be fun to start with a fresh slate. Hope you find your dream home soon.

  2. My cousins just bought a home in Fort Meyers and I can't wait to help her out with her new decor! They are moving from Minnesota so it's quite the climate difference! Can't wait to see what your first decor decisions will be!

  3. Hi Karen and Kelle!
    It IS nice to have a fresh slate, I must say, although I am so thankful for the home we had before. I donated a bunch of hand-me-downs that weren't really "us" and that we didn't have room for in the new place anyway and am starting the adventure of picking out things that I love, on my own, piece by piece. I’ll share our house hunt with you as soon as we get started!
    That’s cool, Kelle, that your cousins just bought in Ft. Meyers. That’s about halfway between us and Miami. Never been there, but I bet it’s beautiful- DEFINITELY a change from Minnesota! I will be posting pics of my tricky little dungeon of a foyer and writer’s nook soon! More to follow after that…
    Welcome back! I enjoyed visiting your blogs again!