Inspiration Room to My Room

Part 3 of 3

I don’t know about you guys, but fabric is something I get *excited* about! All the patterns, textures, colors…so many options! And it’s usually something that can be switched out pretty easily and can completely change the way a room looks and feels. So here we go…

Fabrics and bedding…  

mainbdg   The grey sheet set I already have (from American Apparel). And I have always dreamed of sleeping on silk satin/charmeuse sheets- but they must be silk, polyester is just not cool. No seriously, it doesn’t breathe! The black comforter is from Ikea- just good ol’ plain black cotton. As an ode to my husband’s (and some of my) heritage- an Irish lambs wool cream and grey plaid blanket. Up next is one of my new favorites- Chappuis Granite. a striped, pure silk satin Designer’s Guild fabric. One of the reasons I love it so much is because of the color combo. Since it contains a warmer bronze and a cooler, taupey-er (yes, taupey-er) bronze, it allows you to combine different tones because it’s a “linking piece”. Kind of like a ring that’s two-tone, gold and silver, lets you wear gold and silver jewelry at the same time. Plus it’s silk satin, hello? I think it would be great on a long lumbar or neckroll pillow. The solid black velvet and the pinstripe are both from Lee Jofa, the cool graphic fabric- called Bridgeport in Mushroom- is from Duralee, and that incredible pillow in the center has been an object of my desire for a while now. It’s a gorgeous linen with bronze sequins from ABC Home. It’s a bit pricey at $325, but it’s a 20” x 20” and if I had it, I would love it for ever and ever. One reason I might actually consider purchasing it is because it isn’t a trendy piece necessarily. It would absolutely stand the test of time. And I love it. Like, a lot. 

Now, let’s talk color.

As much as I love the sophistication and timelessness of neutrals, I don’t at all discriminate against colors! They certainly have their place, I just prefer not to commit to any particular color palette because I always find myself wanting to change from day to day and mood to mood (which can be quite often, I am a woman after all). I also think that if you’re going to use color, it should be done in a way that lets it have its moment in the spotlight. Sometimes when you use a lot of color in a lot of places, it can lose its “specialness” and become overwhelming and obnoxious.  Let it stand on its own!


From left to right: Kelly Wearstler for Groundworks/Lee Jofa Sora Velvet in Aqua/Blue, Groundworks Tribeca Weaves Loft Silk in Aqua, & Andrew Martin at Lee Jofa Sanchez in Bluel…   grnplws

From left to right: Duralee Bridgeport in Pistachio, Holly Hunt Great Plains- Greens in Clover, & Jamie Drake for Schumacher- Not Square in Lime Rickey…

Now to mix it up…


Who said you couldn’t use black and blue together? I think it's stunning! What do you think?



See how you can bring in a little color and it gives you so many options? And doing them in pillows, especially in the bedroom, means if you wanted to change colors, patterns, or styles, you easily could and you wouldn’t have to replace all your bedding, paint the walls, or re-upholster anything. It’s smart, no? Word of caution, though: For those with male sleeping partners- they don’t typically care for lots of unnecessary pillows and quite frankly, I have to side with them on this one. They may look pretty, but who wants to undo the bed for 10 minutes before you get into it? Not me. I’d keep it to about 3 or 4 throw pillows and then do just that with them.

Grand Finale…

NEUTRALAll neutrals…


COLOR  With color…

So what do you think? I’d love to know!


  1. Thanks! I love how artistic & abstract the snake photo is. And that lion shot is so sweet & so beautiful. I love that it was just a natural moment caught in the wild... We'll see how my painting turns out. I haven't painted since I was in elementary school!

  2. Loving your blog and your take on design. I couldn't agree with you more! Glad I found you through Karen's blog :)
    All the BEST!

  3. Thanks Kelle & welcome aboard! I'm glad you found me through Karen's blog, too :D Lots of great things will be going on here! Hope you enjoy & find it inspiring & helpful!