Rants and Raves


Little front doors try sooo hard to draw attention to the entrances of our homes with their tomato red paint, or maybe a glossy yellow, donning pretty hardware or fancy glass, bright trim, surrounding plants and flowers, and an inviting little welcome mat, as if to say, “Hello? Can you see me? Over here! Hey you! Look, over here!! Hello there & welcome! Come in, come in!” …


But try as they may, some just keep disappearing, fading away into the background. “Why?” you ask? Oh, I think you know.

There’s a big ugly bully out there that keeps stealing the spotlight from our “little entrance that could”. It’s the giant vehicle-eating, curb-appeal-devouring, beautiful house-killing garage door.





Ok, I know there must be a logical explanation for why these big eyesores take center stage on our homes’ exteriors, but from an aesthetic point of view, they drive me crazy. What about you? Does it drive you nuts to see rows of houses where the first and only thing that really stands out is the garage door?



Maybe we should rename the front door, because it certainly isn’t that on all these homes (including my own- which I otherwise adore)…But bravo to all those manufacturers out there making pretty garage doors and the builders and architects who take looks into consideration when planning a house, or at least handle the conundrum in a tasteful way…


I even like the creativity of this garage door on a plane hangar in Florida…


Ok, so maybe it’s a bit much, but it certainly gets the “best think-outside-the-box” award!

So what are your thoughts? Do you wish the front door could be more often restored to its proper place- in front? Do big ugly garage doors bother you like they do me?


  1. I have said this too! And why must they be painted white to draw your eye right too it! At least paint it the main house color to blend it in to the house.

  2. I know, right? Let's reflect light from it, highlight it, and make the worst feature of the house stand out as much as possible! Mine are painted the color of my house and I will say it at least makes them more tolerable and less visually obtrusive.

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