Yes, I’d Like the House but Could You Hold the Frills, Please?


I often think about what I want my “dream house” to be like, as I’m sure most of you do from time to time, and thought I’d share some inspiration images I found that I am in luv with. One thing that I know I’m drawn to is no frills and no fuss. Slick, clean, easy, done. Not to say that I don’t love the charm of the old French-inspired homes of New Orleans or a rustic Spanish-style home complete with clay roof tiles, wood beams, and textured walls, this is simply what I would want my house to look like.

This one is a beach home in Miami, FL. I love how simple and beautiful the structure is. No sloppy brick and mortar, distracting siding, or shingles to repair. That’s refreshing to me. And in sunny Miami, the white reflects the sun, helping to keep the house cool. Striking and practical…


This one is sooo gorgeous. Black, bold, and beautiful! What makes it even more stunning is how they carried the modern form out into the yard with the long strip of grass, the slab stone walkway and those pure white stones. Black and white- such a sexy, timeless color combo, and it’s a modular house to boot!…  

DIGSDIGS.COM_modular-glossy-black-house-3-554x368 (digsdigs.com)

Although this one is incredibly modern, there’s something about it that is very Zen, too. Maybe because it’s bare-bones-shape isn’t overly fussy and doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard to be something it’s not. It’s not a McMansion with trillions of gables and too many details, there aren’t windowpane grids, shutters, and arches oh my! It simply is what it is.  Aesthetically pleasing, yet very easy on the eyes, giving them a bit of a rest from all the “crazy” houses and cookie-cutter, shoulder-to-shoulder neighborhoods. I even think it’s quite complimentary to and respectful of the nature surrounding it because it doesn’t look like it’s trying to compete for or hold everyone’s attention by being overly and pretentiously grand.

I’m also a big fan of those bean-bag-looking chaises in the yard that look out onto the ocean (this house is on the coast). What more would you need besides maybe a nice glass of wine?…



So tell me, what’s your dream house style?

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