LBH New Itinerary!


So I’ve been blogging now since July & I feel like I’m really starting to get into a groove.  This has made me think that it’s time to start organizing my blog like I do my own home- take inventory of what I have & then: everything has its place, everything in its place- so I’ve been planning a little itinerary for the ride I’m going to take you on here at Little Black Home, that is is you’re up for the adventure…

  • Once a month…
    • Where To?
      • Feature places from around the globe & a little taste of design from their world…


    • What’s Cookin’ at LBH?
      • Recipes I’m really digging, & I’m certainly no pro- only been tinkering with cooking for about 6 months, actually- so it’ll be things any one of you can pull off- and trust me, these dishes will have your mouths watering!
  • Rants & Raves
    • Hear me rave about what makes my heart go pitter patter & rant about what drives me nutswoman-screaming-300x300


  • Client Fiction
    • You know you all have ‘em- those fantasy celebrity clients whose home (or homes) you’d give an arm & a leg, maybe a kidney, to design. Well, I will be entertaining those fantasies right here by showing you my take on what I think their home style would be based on their personality & wardrobe style...


(Sorry ladies, that’s as big as I could get the picture to go for you. No smooching your computer screens, please.)


  • You Sexy Thang
    • All those things that undeniably give you serious goose bumps, leave you completely breathless, or maybe even make you say “ohhh yeahhh”- Barry White style- when no one’s around, of course…

MADEMOISELLECHRPHILLIPSTARKE Mademoiselle Chair by Philippe Starck

  • Never Say Never
    • All the things you thought couldn’t be done, done here! Color combos, style mixes, whatever you thought couldn’t work or couldn’t possibly look good- I will show you how. And after each one, as always, the floor is open for any hypotheticals, suggestions, & challenges you can throw at me!
  • Silver Screen Candy
    • Yummy Hollywood set design from your favorite movies & t.v. shows, old & new.
  • Themed VS Inspired
    • How to design a room inspired by something without it looking tacky & just down-right scary…


  • Sillies
    • Random items & images that will either make you scratch your head or pee your pants.

Until next time!…


  1. What a great idea ! I think you just made your blogging a lot easier.

  2. Thanks Tammy! I think it'll make blogging easier, too. I'm a little bit obsessive compulsive about organization & structure, so it'll be nice for me, plus I think it'll be fun for you guys & hopefully will give you some "knowns" to look forward to. I'm excited about it! Glad you like the idea!

  3. I'm new to your blog and looks like I joined in at a perfect time. Looking forward to it!

  4. Well hello there mysterious reader! Glad to have you along. I hope you enjoy the blog!